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  • Jessica Wood

A message of hope, celebrating 10 years recovered.

Maybe you’re reading the title of this book and wondering how it ends. I wrote this book to help other parents navigate the unthinkable. It's been ten years since the pages of this book played out for me and my child, and I can happily attest to a sustained 10-year span of recovery. There were some real speed bumps, maddening ups and downs, but the trajectory was consistently toward improved health and healing. My son learned to have a sustained relationship with food, and really what that reflected is a real healthy relationship with HIMSELF. He likes himself. Truly. As much as any developing young 20’s something adult can. He was 13 when this illness grabbed his throat, and as he is about to turn 23, I am reflecting on the amazing gains he has made. Most notably, mentally and emotionally. He’s confident, when he smiles it comes from a deep and hard-earned place. He knows he is “good enough”; he knows he is “lovable” and he knows he is “strong and resilient” and he likes that about himself. He’s balanced, he’s able to work hard and play hard. His perfectionism has eased up and he is able to try hard, without self-sabotage. And I smile typing this part….he could actually be described as a “foodie.” He loves food. Amazingly, this young boy who rejected food as a way to reject his feelings (which resulted in actually losing his sense of taste for a period of time!); is now a true foodie. One of his favorite hobbies is to travel and explore different cultural foods. And he is able to do so anxiety free. He is a living billboard of hope. I want to encourage any parent out there who is worried their child has been mentally hijacked, there is hope. There is recovery. There is a whole LOT we can do to fight for that and protect our children’s future. We are playing the long game here. And it’s worth it.


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